Built for vet students

We are a diverse team of vets, veterinary students, designers and developers, working together to digitise the EMS experience for students, placement providers and universities.

Vet working with student in a clinic

Boosts the EMS experience

EMSX transforms all the manual EMS processes that cause so much pain. Collectively, the team at EMSX have undertaken and supervised hundreds of EMS placements. That involved filling in forms, chasing lost forms, rescheduling bookings, talking to universities when we have no shows. It was all painful.

We decided to do something about it. After receiving a substantial Government grant from Innovate UK we got to work.

Accelerates learning

Veterinary students are part of our team. They have to be. They enable us to have an ear to the grounds at all times. EMSX simplifies the EMS experience, focuses learnings and increases safety. Most importantly, it breaks down access barriers to studying veterinary medicine and increases the diversity of our profession. It makes us all better.


Constantly growing

Bringing our ideas to life are our design and technology teams, made of of designers and developers. Constantly improving always evolving.